Feb. 22, 2018

Our Two Sense

Most folk don't think of a cow or a pig when they think about their four legged fur babies. Me and "Smiley" over here, know we might not be domesticated but we can be awfully smart and really cute. Unlike dogs or cats we don't get that forever home. No worries though, we have eachother.

 Smiley and I give big Props to the SPCA for saving domestic animals and double Props to Animal right Activists. Dogs are now being treated like tasty treats in other countries around the world and the Animal right Activists are doing their best to save them from a very gruesom death.

Canadians are not hankering for dog meat but they still yearn for a juicy steak or a stick of bacon,"Ouch!"  What is the difference? We think its is because we pigs and cows do not sleep with you or cuddle up on the couch to lay on your lap. We simply appear on your plate with a gravy.

There is an old saying,"What you don't know, doesn't hurt". My truth is, we pigs, cows, chicken ... etc, do hurt.

Humans don't need to eat animals to live. Mother Nature has provided all of us with all it's glorious ingredients growing from our land. The best part is that, it's all natural and good for us. Can we say the same thing about eating Animals? "Gross"!

Eating Vegan is the healthiest way of life. That's our story and we are sticking to it!

Smiley and Me